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Everything i write/post here is based on real life or otherwise tagged as "fiction"
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Maybe it’s just something girls tell themselves when they’re with a guy who won’t commit.

I don’t need the world to know that we belong to each other. He proves it to me when its just him and I. When we’re together in his car and he holds my hand or when he puts on those songs that get me every time. That’s what really matters: he shows his true self when we’re together

Like I said: maybe I just say that because he won’t commit.


A writer finds words. That is how the dowsing works.
And I fail them with you, with words about soft lips
Your bones, heart, skin, your eyes as deep starshine.
I am failing you
                        — failing us —
                                                  I am failing me 
And the latter worries me so much more — full stop

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We had soaring embers in our lungs
Breathing as the passion cauterized our throats
Charred and fragile bolts held together
Whatever remained of this frame of bones
Like the undead we roamed through
A past no one could savage
Not the love of distant fathers
Nor the lips of future lovers
There’s but a burn-pile awaiting us all
The Remnants of a Poet ”All will burn” Garnetportrait Prompt 14 “fire” (via remnantsofapoet)

This is amazing

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I’m not going to pretend like I need you. Because the truth is I could continue on without you in my life. But what it really boils down to is this: I don’t want to have to live without you in my life. I am choosing to on with you as apart of it. And you make it better. You make it brighter, more hopeful, happier, funnier. You give me a richness I didn’t know existed. And I feel so lucky to have it. For right now.

I just want to be with you. Let’s watch a movie and cuddle or eat takeout and make each other laugh. I want to experience you and the different parts of you. There was an empty spot in my life I didn’t know existed and its been filled with you. I’m better when I’m around you. I’m happier and more pleasant to my fellows and it should worry me that I’ve put so much of myself into you. But it doesn’t. It makes me hopeful. Because it proves that things cannot stay as shitty as they have been. It makes me hopeful because it proves things between us are good. And if they stay good then I’ll stay good. That’s an unhealthy thing to say I know. But you make me happy and I won’t apologize for that.